Wheel Alignments - Brett's Low Cost Auto Repair
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Wheel Alignments

When was the last time you had your wheels and tires checked?

Wheel alignments help make your tires last longer because it reduces uneven wear.

If they aren’t aligned properly you could be putting yourself and your passengers’ safety at risk – and wasting money on poor fuel economy and unnecessary wear and tear.

Even careful drivers can knock their wheels out of alignment by accidentally hitting a pothole or curb. Owners of older vehicles may find that their wheels move out of line with normal driving. Unaligned wheels can result in poor handling and excessive tire wear. Aside from the safety implications, there are also legal penalties associated with driving on unroadworthy tires.

A quick wheel alignment check can sort out any problems immediately and align the tires to the exact direction and angle required.

This will prevent your car pulling to one side, guarantee a smooth safe ride, improve fuel economy and make your tires last longer.